the hadden transdermal patch

first contact™

In September 2015 the management of S R Hadden Industries Ltd signed a development agreement with Nano BioMed, Inc. to develop a transdermal patch to deliver THC and CBD in a measured and targeted dose. Due to the delays in effecting the merger between Hadden and Nass Valley Gateway the management of Hadden and its shareholders funded the initial payment to Nano BioMed of $50,000.00 and made further payments totaling a further $100,000 on the development contract through April 2016. The contract calls for Nano BioMed's scientists to develop a patch that will deliver a measured dose of THC or CBD to a patient via the use of Nano particles bonded with one of the two derivative components of the marijuana plant.

Dr. Mel EhrlichThe research effort is being spearheaded by Dr. Mel Ehrlich in conjunction with Manantesh Navati Ph.D. who are shown here working in the laboratory where the Nano particles are prepared and bonded with the THC or CBD prior to being added to a conductive solution. It is hoped that once this stage of the research is concluded a stable solution will be developed that will form the basis of the Hadden First Contact™ patch for patient use.

Manantesh Navati Ph.D.Since September the team has made great advances and it is hoped that by early summer that porcine trials using the stable patch will begin to test the measured THC/CBD absorbency. Hadden expects to move toward filing of a utility patent in conjunction with Nano BioMed. Hadden holds the exclusive worldwide rights to exploit the patent for the life time of the patent in exchange for a royalty payable to Nano BioMed of 50 cents for each patch sold to health care providers and certain developmental funds.