welcome message

Welcome to S R Hadden Industries, Ltd. -- the company of tomorrow. Our site will give you an overview of the Hadden philosophy and our aims and goals. Put simply the dramatic changes in societies view of marijuana and its medical applications has made it possible for the team at Hadden to explore new and innovative approaches to pain and disease management. Our approach is to combine cutting edge use of nanotechnology with cannabis derivatives to provide a simple, yet effective transdermal delivery system to the patient. We believe the use of marijuana and its derivative components is in its infancy and will offer new and exciting opportunities to the medical and business community over the coming decade. Whilst we are a start up company we have assembled an impressive array of experts in the nanotechnology field and hope to have our first product in animal testing this year. We trust you will find the site and information as exciting as we as a company do. Please feel free to email any questions you may have or contact us at info@srhaddenindustries.com.