about us

about us

S R Hadden Industries Ltd is a bio tech company formed solely to exploit the many opportunities presented by what has been termed as the 'medical marijuana' industry. Hadden is not in the business of cultivating marijuana or exploring its many recreational uses. Neither are we remotely interested in the running of or investing in headshops, cooperatives or indoor grow facilities. We at Hadden in conjunction with our scientific team have recognized the incredible possibilities of pain management through the use of THC and CBD both of which are extracted from the marijuana plant. Recent announcements from bell weather companies in this fast evolving bio tech space have further reinforced and added credence to our thinking on the medical applications of CBD and THC.

Traditionally the main methods of getting marijuana's two key ingredients of THC and CBD into the human system was either through ingestion in the form of an edible or through smoking the dried flowering part of the plant in the form of a cigarette, known as a 'joint' or through a water pipe. Neither of these two mediums are in the opinion of Hadden's scientific team a very efficient or desirable delivery modem and do not provide either a measure or standardized dose of the drug and is far from suitable for all patient's needs.

With these new realities Hadden was formed with a view to developing a transdermal patch that would be capable of delivering a measured dose of CBD in a non-invasive fashion using the power of Nano particles both in terms of pain management as well as providing new and exciting opportunities for treating marijuana addiction through our plans to deliver CBD bonded to Nano particles.


Formed in the British Virgin Islands
The company was formed in the British Virgin Islands under the name S R Haddon Industries Ltd in August 2014 as a vehicle to hold the development contract between the investor group and Nano Bio Med, Inc. and their scientists who were contracted to develop the patch technology to be released under the brand name 'First Contact' at the end of development trials. Two of Nano Bio Med, Inc. scientists joined the board of Haddon as part of this arrangement so that once the company had achieved a public listing the appropriate regulatory security agencies would see that we were a bio tech company and serious about working towards our long term goals. The biographies of the board appear under the heading 'Our Team' and can be found on the 'Home' tab of our web site.
Nano BioMed Technologies, Inc.
THC and CBD Delivery
As stated above the board designated S R Hadden Industries Ltd ('SRH') as the holder of the first of what is hoped will be a series of development contracts with Nano Biomed ('Nano') of which the first is the development of the measured THC/CBD dosage patch designed as a pain management delivery system for the chronically ill as well as for use in treating marijuana addiction. Since making the first payment of $50,000.00 to Nano in September and further payments through March 2016 the scientific team at Nan have been making steady progress towards Hadden's initial goals. A link to Nano Biomed, Inc. web site can be found in the links section of our web site which provides the interested reader with a plethora of information and scientific papers on Nano medicine and the work of our key scientific team.